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 Simelectro P&S

Simelectro is a key player in design, manufacture and maintenance of medium voltage busbars. These busbars convey the energy from generators to power transformers in power plants. Created in 1948, Simelectro is an internationally well-known company. Simelectro has supplied among others, more of 500 busbar units for power plants, either nuclear, thermal and hydraulic, on all continents and provides power connections for many electro-intensive industries. Simelectro has developed many services activities : diagnostic, maintenance, modification of existing installation, life cycle extension, power increase and supply of spare parts. Since 2019, Simelectro becomes a subsidiary of TSV.

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About Simelectro: À propos de nous

1948 Creation of Simelectro.

1953 First order in France

for "Powerduct" (IPB's).

1962 First export order

(New Zealand).

1979 Creation of our "Transoduct" (NSPB's and SPB's).

1997 New workshop in Longvic - France.

2019 Acquired by TSV.

About Simelectro: Nos services
About Simelectro: Nos services
Our powerful organization
A fully integrated structure and system
About Simelectro: Nos services

Sales and project management

To ensure continuity from sales to delivery and single point of accountability.

Design - R&D

Every project is tailored made to customer specific requirements in compliance with the international standards.


Local or regional manufacturing to ensure same level of quality and guaranteed performances.

Packing & shipment

A personalized service in accordance with the latest incoterms.

Installation, supervision and commissioning service

A team of supervisors fully qualified, dedicated and familiar with export requirements.

After-sales service

Our after-sales service and our agent network give SIMELECTRO the resources to serve its customers anywhere at any time in the world.

Main customers
Certified company

Simelectro is certified ISO9001 (Quality)

&  ISO45001 (Health-Security)

and has many customer qualifications :

About Simelectro: À propos de nous
Our QHSE policy

The major goal of Simelectro P&S is to bring its technical expertise to maintain and make durable the electrical energy generation, transmission and transformation equipment.


Its growth and sustainability depend of its customer's satisfaction and of the quality of its financial results. To reach those challenges, the management commit to comply with legal and stakeholder requirements according to the following commitments :

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions ;

  • Reinforce employees involvement ;

  • Control the business and ensure customer satisfaction ;

  • Apprehend the challenges of the energy sector transition.


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment values policy is based on the objective of moving towards “zero accidents”. Corresponding guidelines are :

  • Eliminate danger and reduce health and safety risks at work ;

  • Master trainings and particularly the qualifications ;

  • Reinforce the safety knowledge of each employee ;

  • Develop workers consultation and involvement.

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