Auxiliary Equipment

Electrical cabinets, FAC, Pressurization, Integration of electrical equipment in enclosures

Electrical Cabinets

We can supply various types of medium-voltage cabinets connected to busbar systems based on the needs of different projects. These cabinets may include measurement and protection cabinets (VT/SA), neutral cabinets, braking cabinets, etc.

In these cases, Simelectro P&S provides the necessary switchgear, design a custom cabinet around them, manufactures the cabinet, assembles and wires the switchgear to deliver a ready-to-use cabinet.


Forced Air Cooling (FAC)

The Forced Air Cooling systems (FAC) proposed by Simelectro P&S allow to reduce the heating thanks to an enabling air circulation in the IPB or in the connection casing to the generators.

These systems are typically supplied by Simelectro P&S in nuclear projects where currents are particularly high.


Pressurization Cabinet

Pressurization cabinets are devices used to maintain a dry air pressure within the enclosures used in nuclear power plants. They are designed to regulate air pressure and prevent the introduction of dust into the enclosures.

Pressurization cabinets are essential safety devices used in nuclear power plants to ensure the safety and reliability of production operations. They are closely monitored and regularly tested to ensure proper functioning in emergencies.

This system is the only one capable of guaranteeing the tightness of the connection throughout the plant’s lifespan.

It is also possible to create special cabinets that meet the specific expectations of customers, allowing, for example :

  • Independent injection of two separate sections of IPB
  • Implementation of a baffle system to test the phase-by-phase tightness for quicker and more effective identification of leaks
  • Integration of human-level scanning with overpressure protection function through maintenance-free mechanical valves
  • All this is achieved with a simple, robust, and easy-to-maintain technology.

Integration of electrical equipment in enclosures


Some manufacturers of switches and general circuit breakers offer their equipment in a metal enclosure. However, the product is standard and does not always meet site constraints; it is also not possible to add other equipment such as lightning arresters, current transformers, or potential transformers.

Therefore, Simelectro P&S has developed general circuit breakers for containers.
General circuit breakers in containers are electrical protection equipment to ensure the safety of operators, equipment, and installations.

They are devices that isolate a part of the electrical grid when needed to perform maintenance or repairs. They also prevent the spread of overvoltages and protect equipment from electrical failures. Enclosed switches are custom-made at the request of our clients and are made from resistant and durable materials that guarantee their reliability and efficiency.

They are also designed to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, weather conditions, vibrations, and shocks. Enclosed switches are therefore essential equipment for the protection and safety of industrial electrical installations.

Advantages :

  • Reduces erecting and testing time
  • Custom-made manufacturing
  • Easy to transport
  • Compact